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Hi! I’m Sarah Q and I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer for more than ten years. Click around on this website to see some of my work!

I’m currently traveling the United States with my husband and three kids on an open-ended World Schooling adventure! To read more, visit :

To help pay for our trip and keep the adventure going, I’m shooting portrait sessions in every state we visit! In 2015 and 2016, I shot dozens of portrait sessions in more than 25 states and in 2017, I hope to shoot even more! 

If you're interested in a family, couple, engagement (or any other kind of) portrait session, click  the "Contact" button above and send me a message! Or you can email me directly at : I would love to see your city, meet you and your family and get some really great photos for you. 


Wondering which type of session you should choose?

Full Sessions are $800 and include up to two hours of photography in a location of your choosing, ANYWHERE in the United States, an online gallery and a digital download of your edited, ready-to-print portrait session files delivered to you within a week of your session. You can use those files to make prints, cards, albums or anything else your heart desires at any lab, any time, forever! Full Sessions are best for families that want to shoot at more than one location or at their home. Full Sessions are great for a mixture of posed, smiling at the camera type photos and more relaxed, lifestyle-type photos.

Mini Sessions are $300 and include 30 minutes of photography, an online gallery and a digital download of your edited, ready-to-print portrait session files delivered to you within a week of your session. Mini Sessions are great for families who are happy shooting at a single location or just need a few new photos for holiday cards or gifts. Mini Sessions tend to be more posed, smiling at the camera type photos.


Please note : Session fee must be paid in full at least a week before your shoot date. We accept credit cards and PayPal. 

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